Our Goals

"Our Goals"

Goal 1 – "Health and Genetic Advantage":  With continual research, and making difficult and costly improvements, we finally reached our Health Goal in 2013. when we gladly announced that "ALL" Woodland Hills Retrievers Puppies will be "Clear Through Parentage" of the PRA Blindness gene and the EIC (Exercise Induce Collapse) gene.

All Of Our Dogs have been:

–Certified Hip and Elbows by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation Association)

–Certified Eyes by CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation)

–Certified "Normal/Clear", or are "Clear through Parentage" for the PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) gene which causes blindness.

–Certified "Clear", or are "Clear through Parentage" of the EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) gene.

Goal 2- "Great Looks Advantage": I been told by some of my Hunt Test buddies, “I can’t go to the line with an UGLY dog, that is just not possible for me".  Well you needn’t worry about looks since all of our puppies will have awesome looks.  And why not?  They all come from Show Champion parents or grandparents that have been judged to have the "Best of the Best" looks.  They are "English" in build having the "Classic" Labrador looks; broad foreheads, big bones, robust bodies, and thick otter tails. They come from some of the most prestigous Show Labs in the country.  "Even if you're not into shows, wouldn't it be neat to have the best looking Lab on the block?"

Goal 3 – "High Desire to Retrieve Advantage":  In our first 10 years, we were very active participants in the AKC Hunt Tests.  We had trained and handled all of our Labs in the AKC Hunt Tests and most had earned their Junior Hunter Titles.  One of our yellow stud dogs, Deuce, a son of a 2 time National Field Champion, earned his Senior and Master Hunter Titles.  In our second 10 years, we had to stop participating in the Hunt Tests.  We then made a drastoc change and switch our retrievers from the American Field Lab to the English built Show Labs.  Even with this change, the Labs “love of retrieving” was still a very important trait for us, and so as we started selecting puppies for our kennel from multi titlled sires who were Show Champion that also had earned Hunt Test titles such as MACH CH Prospect's Slam Dunk, MH (yellow stud), CH Naiken Indian Temple, MH,(chocolate stud), BISS CH MHR Caer Bren Superhero, MH (yellow stud), Grand CH Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam, MH, (black – yellow factored stud), and other multi-tilted sires and dams.  From some of our puppies,  we've already received some amazing compliments from their professional field/hunt trainers and customers who are both avid and occasional hunters.  Yes, our lab puppies are calm and loveable, but when called upon, they can also be very “sporting” and "athletic" companions.  We believe that Labs that love to retrieve are more fun companions to be with.  They' make abled companions for their outdoor owners when jogging or hiing, and also keep the kids occupied in the backyards, or at the parks playing catch the ball, frisbee, or sticks, all day if need be.

Goals 4 –  "Learned Advantage”: Since birth, our pups and throughout their stay with us, they receiving stimulation, socialization, and are started on their obedience training.  They will come to you:

– having been socialized

–having a “learning to learn” attitude

–having been started on the “Come” command when called or whistled