Included are some of the email updates and pictures that I've received from our wonderful new friends.  Thank You!!!

8/2/18 Thought you might like some news about Taja, our chocolate pup.  We took her to an IABCA Show in Dixon Ca last weekend.  Taja started the day of right with a 1st in class, then went Puppy Best of Breed and capped it off with a 1st place in Sporting Group at just 6 months 5 days. Show 2 she took another 1st in class and 2nd in BOB. Day 2, she took 1st in class and another Best of Breed in her 1st show along with Group 3rd. Her last show, she took another 1st in class and 2nd in BOB. We couldn't be happier with her. She came home with Honor, International, and National Junior Championships.  The judges were all pretty impressed with how good she looked at such a young age. Will send some pics when we get them from the photographer.  Jeff and Linda Wassink

7/9/18  First leg of his Junior Hunt Test.  The field marshal really liked his looks and asked if I was going show him in the ring …  nice complement from a field marshal at the hunt test ..

3/20/18 Good Morning Byron, I just received an up-date from Bowdy trainer, he is doing well, currently working on retrieves/marks .. the mark distance retrieves is currently been 60,150,160, and yesterday was 200 yard marks, He said Bowdy is doing well with his marks and retrieves, he drives hard for a larger English dog. He also stated that we has been a good boy, not aggressive towards other male dogs but stands his ground and will not let any males push him around, the trainer likes him.  We get to pick him up the 30th of this month .. we can’t wait to get him back home .. Hope all is well with you, family and dogs …                                          Best Regards,, Scott E. Dunn

6/17/18 Hey Byron! Our puppy is amazing! We absolutely love her to death and are already so impressed with her so far..  We went to the Vet a couple weeks ago. Our vet asked if the breeder we used had any recollection as to when her mother got her first heat cycle. Do you have a guesstimate on that by chance? We are trying to plan when to get her spayed.  Thanks again for everything! We've already passed your information along to about 6 people who were so impressed with how beautiful our puppy was! Couldn't be happier with our decision! Kristin Mazza

3/21/18 Hello Byron and Lashawn,  We just wanted to let you know Angus is doing really well. We took him to the Vet yesterday and they gave him his second round of vaccinations and dewormer. He's also starting puppy training classes at k9lifeline in Draper next Wednesday. Potty training and crate draining are going well and the family really loves him. He's a very sweet dog, thanks again.  Tim Taylor

3/16/18 Hello Byron, I wanted to send you a few pictures of our lady Sundae, and let you know how she is adjusting to our family.  She’s almost done with her booster shots, and currently weighs 17lbs.  She has adjusted well, and is loved by us all. She loves being outside and playing with our boys.  Kevin Maves

11/26/17 He traveled to Monticello really well!  We had no problems and on Saturday we had fun taking him to the lake.  He got right in but wasn't sure about swimming!  Then we went hiking to find a Christmas tree.  We totally enjoyed the day with him!  We are now just adjusting to having a dog in our family again.  I think he is adjusting well!  Thank you again and we will get the registration papers mailed off tomorrow. Carrie Black

9/25/17 Hi Byron this is Emily and Mo!  We just wanted to send you some pictures of Ryder from the past couple months! He is getting so big and we love him so much! He is such a great joy in both of our lives and we can’t thank you enough for him! We just got him fixed two weeks ago and he did great. Hoping it might calm him down a little because he is very energetic but, is an amazing dog. Hope you are doing well.

9/12/17 Hi Byron, Thought you would enjoy these pics. Percy is of course, another loved furry family member. Hope all is well with you and your family! Cheers, Heidi Black 

7/30/17 Hi Byron. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Mischievous Mountain Mist. She is the smartest dog I have ever owned and that's saying something. She is the most loving dog, but the "mischievous" in her name is appropriate. As you can see she and Bounty enjoy each other's company. She is just over 6 months and is a wonderful dog. She does come, sit, and down on both verbal and non-verbal signals… most of the time. We are now working on sit-up so she has a perfect sit for the sit/stay command. She does the short sit/stay well. Not yet ready for a long stay or me moving more than about 10 feet from her. We are also working on heel and retrieve. She has the "go get it" and "bring it back" part of retrieve but the "sit and drop" isn't as much fun as tug of war.  She is very food motivated and really enjoys working. I'm hopeful she will do well in obedience competition.  I am having her spayed on Wednesday. Bottom line, we believe we got the pick of the litter! Richard Murray

7/10/17 Hi Byron, how are you? It's been a little bit so I figured I would send you some pictures of Penelope Dawn (Penny)! She's doing amazing! She's been a great dog!! Melinda Bevans

6/20/17 Byron, Just a quick not with some photos of the boyz in the water. Maximus prefers to play soccer in the yard rather than retrieve but once in the water he is unstoppable. Atlas like the water too but prefers to wait until Maximus is with 20 feet of the shore and then help rather than swim to center of the pond to get a bumper or stick. They continue to be a delight and we cannot recall what it was like without them. Hope all is well with you. Stephen Bingham

Joe Boegher 2-12-2016
2/12/16 Byron, Thought I would send you a pic of Millie..  Got her from you late in 2010 after we dealt with our tornado..  Think she was the yellow collared pup. Don't remember her parent's names..  Would have to go look up…  I hunt with Millie every weekend from Nov to April.  Would guess she has probably found and retrieved about 2,000 birds at this point…She is quite the athlete (though some CCL issues)..  She retrieves about 75 percent of the birds to me regardless of how many dogs are in the field…  Wish sometimes she would retrieve less. Anyways…  Thought you might enjoy seeing a pic of Millie grown up. Joel Boerger, Eagle, WI
Atlas and Maximus  - Stephen Bigham 2 Atlas and Maximus  - Stephen Bigham 3

1/26/16 Byron, Sorry we have not emailed you sooner, but we have been busy and only now found the time. Atlas is just 7 months and already 58 pounds compared with Maximus who is 68 pounds. Atlas has a great personality and wants only to be everyone's pal. He is a natural retriever who without any training retrieves and drops and item thrown. Maximus prefers to retrieve and then tug, but Atlas knows instinctively to drop and wait to go again. Maximus has a great vocabulary and his skill is finding things and nosework. We want to do more nosework with him this Spring and introduce Atlas to the water. For now they love the snow and get along very well. Thanks so much for another great addition to our family.   Stephen M. Bigham and Karen

Ridge Oakley Mirada Hunting11/11/15 Miranda sent me these I will send u more tonight Ridge has his eyes closed. That Oakley next to him. The single dog photo is of Oakley. Staci Ratcliff.

Stephen Binham's Dogs9/24/2015 Byron,Just a quick update on Atlas. He is now just under 20 pounds, able to go up and down the stairs, and is fully house-broken. He is very assertive and a great play mate for Maximus. They seem to be a great fit. Many thanks for another fine pup. Stephen M. Bingham                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Aug 22, 2015—Stephen M Bigham (Park City, UT), Just a quick not to say how lucky we were to have found you and your kennel.  Atlas is a delight.  He began playing with Maximus from their first meeting and never backs down.  He was a great choice. 

9/23/15, Hi Byron, hope all is well. We saw that Tru had a new group of puppies. We are looking for a girl. Jax has been fixed, but we think he needs a friend. Are there girls available?  We love Jax. He is the best



Aug. 19, 2015—Laurie Taylor (Kansas City)  Here is Rockie’s 1st swim.  She is doing wonderfully & loved riding in the car home from Utah.  Slept & played the whole way home.  She is a true blessing.  Have a nice day.  The Taylor Family. 

Julie Howards pup 2

Aug. 15, 2015—Julie Howard (Pasedena, CA) Byron she’s a beautiful pup!  Thank you so very much for everything.  She made it home safe and sound last night.  We didn’t have any problems introducing the puppy to our dog, Petey.  She loved chasing Petey in the backyard.  We’re having a lot of fun with her this morning.

Duke Tru's son

July 19, 2015—Steve Mason (Texas White Labs).  Thought you would want to see this boy… (This is Duke, Tru's son, stud dog for Texas White Labs, what a handsome dog he grown up to be.)

Missy 6 weeks old Dawn Harvell

July 6, 2015—Dawn Harvell (California)  Wanted to touch bases with you and let you know  “the Hunting Goddess” call name Missy is doing great and is absolutely beautiful and is practically snow white with dark black pigment.  I am very pleased with how she is turning out.  I just did the 15 genetic test panel on her from Paw Print Genetics and she came back clear on everything!!! Yeah!!! I plan on sending her to my trainer in Texas “Dixieland Retrievers” where my girl Trinity is working on her Senior Hunt Title now and I will show her in conformation and performance events.  Thanks and I will keep you posted. 

Kibo Lisa ImberiMisty Lisa Imberi  taken 5-11-15

July 2, 2015—Lisa Imberi (Our Loveable Labs) Hello Byron, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your retirement!  As promised I have attached some photos of Kibo (yellow male) that we got from you to this email.  I’ll attach some photos of River in a separate email.  We love them both, they are awesome dogs and couldn’t be happier!  Thank you, Lisa Imberi

Nalia 2 Steve Herron

Nalia Steve Herron

May 15, 2015—Steve Herron.  Byron, Quick update on our Nalla who was from Sammy x Tru.  She passed her JH (Junior Hunt Test) 4 for 4 and we are working on a SH (Senior Hunt Title) but decided to breed her.  She is due next week, bred to Edna’s Goose (GCH/Master Hunter) and Edna has the puppies spoken for.  May 30, 2015.  Nalla had her first litter early Tuesday morning, she is a wonderful mother, had 3 beautiful girls from Edna’s Goose.  Sending you a couple of pictures we had taken in April.  Thanks for letting us have Nalla.

*** Quick update on our Nalla who was from Sammy x Tru. She passed her JH 4 for 4 and we were working on a SH but decided to breed her. She is due next week, bred to Edna's Goose and Edna has the puppies spoken for.

Lily 2Lily, Paradee Tru x Sammy

May 27, 2015—Brandy Paradee. Lily (Tru x Sammy) is running for her JH starting this weekend.  She is a little rocket off the line and bird crazy!  She has turned into such a sweet amazing girl: always happy and LOVES to be around people. The pictures were late last summer, she has grown and filled out a bit more since then.  She has a very nice, thick athletic build.  She has a beautiful free stack.  Hopefully I will have some ribbon pictures to send to you after this weekend.

Chief & Scout  Dan Foley 2015

Feb 10, 2015—Dan Foley (Las Vegas).  I hope all is well with you.  I found some photos of Chief (he has the blue pack on, Scout is the other dog) that you might enjoy.  He has developed into quite the dog.  Great hunting instincts and a strong desire to please.  Scout is also a great dog and excellent hunter.

Maximus Karen Noce - Stephen Bigham 1

Oct. 15, 2014—Stephen Bigham.  Byron How are you?  We have been meaning to update you on Maximus but have been busy walking and hiking with him.  He is now 40 pounds and grows each day with more energy.  He loves to hike and climbs like a goat.  We let him dectate the pace and how long, but he usually goes three miles then nap for and hour afterward.  He likes to play in the yard and retrieves well.  He is a delight and with a great personality and excellent temperament.  Below are some photos. Thanks so much.

Misty - Tru x Sammy 21 months old Thomas Bridges 10-6-14Oct. 5, 2014—Hi Byron, I wanted to let you know how special our pup “Misty” is that we got from you out of Tru & Sammie.  Misty is now going on 21 months old now and I have to say she is my house buddy and pal.  She loves to retrieve and swims like a fish.  Hits water like no other.  I have never had a nicer lab in all my 45 years with labs.  I attached a picture of her.  We are interested in another female pup out of your upcoming litter from Carbon & Sammie.  I don’t know if you recall but you shipped her to Pittsburgh International airport thru Delta to me.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you, Tom Bridges PA

Jul 31, 2014—Byron,  Maximus has been great. Last night he slept from 10:30pm to 6am. We went to the vest last Wednesday and he was fine and weighted 10.2 lbs and yesterday he gained 1.6lbs. We sent in the AKC registration and rerun to the vet next month to continue his shots etc.  Thanks so much for him, he is the best. Stephen M. Bigham, Park City, UT UT                                                                                      7/22/14—The whole neighborhood, especially the kids, are in love with Max. He's eating and sleeping well, and getting lots of play. Karen NoceCody and Bailey Evelyn Halls 17/9/14—Cody is getting along w Bailey very well.  Evelyn Hall

5/26/1—Cody is adapting well.  Very active and full of life.  Bailey has accepted him to a certain degree, but we all loves puppy nap time.  A good nights rest would be nice.  All is well.  Thanks again…Evelyn Hall

4/9/14—Hi Byron,  Notice you have a litter of labs ready.  Are they all taken?  We got Bailey from you about 4 years ago Daddy is Tru.  We were thinking about a buddy for Bailey??? Hopefully smaller.  Bailey is 85 lbs looks just like Tru. Attached 2 photos of Bailey who is a male.  His mom was Tosha.  Dad Tru…..He is wonderful…Evelyn HallBailey Sent 4-10-14 by Evelyn Hall.jpg 1

Hi Byron,  Spoke to the Vet who I gave your name to back in Sept/Oct when one of her clients lost there Choc lab, and she said they had gotten a pup from you and were thrilled.  So are we!  Sending along a few photos of Bailey at 5.5 months, and Bridger our older Lab and Bailey on Christmas Eve.  Bailey has been a delight.  We are heading north late this month to Montana and will have him neutered.  Even though he would make a great daddy.  Thank you so much.  Evelyn

Ridge and Ranger by Staci Ratcliff 111/29/13—Thought I would share we bought Ranger from you almost 12 years ago and Ridge just a month ago. They are great dogs Thanks Staci  My dad fell in love with Ridge and he is thinking he wants a female light in color. I told him you put limited registration on the pups and they were a lot of money. They did not seem to care.  Not sure how serious he is. We have had so many people compliment Ridge and his looks and color. He is such a sweet puppy. We are thinking of buying a female next year thats not related to Ridge (light in color) so keep us in mind if you will have something or know of someone. I will keep you updated on Ridge.   Thanks Staci          Note:  Staci's dad did get a sister of Ridge a couple of weeks after, and Staci has reserved her female from a next year's litter.


7/25/2013—George is 4!  Hi Byron, I hope all is well with you and your family. Below is George's birthday picture. Cannot believe he is 4 already! He's such a sweet, kind, funny dog. Love him to pieces. Thought I would share a quick photo-he's quite handsome. We were hopeful the Royal Baby would be born July 23 (Georges bday) but it was the 22nd-got the namesake at least! Again I hope this note finds you well.  Have a great rest of the summer!  Merridith

Moose from Joan Hogan5/2/13—Hi Byron, Here’s a photo of Moose taken today.  He’s majestic!

4/17/13—Hi Byron,I don't know if you'll remember me, but we bought one of your pups back in October 2010! He was your handsome "black collared" male, born that August and we had him shipped to us in New York. We named him Montauk Moose Hunter…Moose for short! Moose has grown into a very handsome adult who is so much fun, too. He is exactly what we hoped for!

10/7/10—Hi Byron. Just wanted you to know we received our pup's papers today. Thank you.  We call him "Moose"…I call him my 'Chocolate moose, because he's so sweet.  We will have a more formal name for his AKC papers though. He is the most adorable and friendly puppy!  He loves everyone and we all just adore him.  I even brought him to visit my dad, who's still in a rehab for physical therapy after his hospitalization.  My father is crazy about him and can't wait to come home.  I took him to our vet this week and he said he's very healthy, but to avoid other dogs until he has all his shots.  I'll keep in touch and send photos as he grows.  Thanks again for our pup, Byron.  Joan and Jim

Kolbe, 8-25-13 pic sent by Ann Salzar8/25/13—Hi Byron,  I just want you to know that Kolbe is everything i expected and more. He is such a sweet boy, smart, athletic and a love bug.  He loves my senior rescue foster, and I think even breathed a little extra life into Andrew.  We swim all the time and his favorite is retrieving the ball in the water.  He is not a fan of the heat and would rather swim as it's pretty hot here in New Orleans in the summer.  I just couldn't have ordered up a more perfect addition to our family and I am grateful.  thank you.   Ann C. Salzer "Ravenswood" First Assistant Director

Tre 9-13-13 2nd pic Sent by Toni Guilbert 1

Tre 9-13-13 Sent by Toni Guilbert 18/18/13—Byron,  Been busy with Tre. She's so smart, learning sit, down, heel. Doing wonderfully with the heel and we now walk 2 miles every morning. She loves it. Loves the water…in fact, she wants to play in it all the time. We looked all over for a kiddie pool, but of course, the season was over in the stores. Took her vacationing in the canyon and she got to swim in the river-a shallow pool. Loved it. This week we're working on her going to 'work' with me. I go to my office every day and work until noon. She'd got that down pretty well, except when the cats bother her. She has tried valiantly to be friends with the two cats, but Zoie, aka the Queen, isn't having it and Maddie Rose, aka Princess and the pea, keeps teasing her. I think Maddie hopes she gets her in trouble. Both cats are a bit surprised at how fast she is growing. You just see it in their eyes every morning. We're having a ball. I think Tre found a great home. We found a great pup. Thanks, my heart feels better now that our family is whole again. Toni Guilbert

Mar 5, 2013—Hey Byron! It is great to hear from you! I just LOVE all three of my babies! Bolder (the male) is doing great and growing to be quite handsome. He is set to start competing for his JH this summer and then I have actually talked to a handler who thinks he has potential so we are considering putting him in the AKC show ring,… He is such a joy to be around and everyone loves him. He is always so happy and was so easy to train. His natural drive is marvelous and he has about the best marking ability of any chocolate lab I have ever trained especially at his age. I will try to attach some pics but I don't think they do him justice and he was 5 months old when those were taken. I really need to update them. The other two are doing wonderful as well. Bella is going for her RN title hopefully this year which will be her third AKC title and we hope to get the RN title on May this year as well. She is great with obedience but I just haven't had the time to get her out in the ring yet.  Bella is 87 lbs (on a diet) Bolder is 56 lbs weighed today and May is prolly around 62 lbs. Bella ended up the large one. LOL  I hope things have been going well with you. I will be looking for a black carrying chocolate male in my future… maybe later on this year or so to add here. I thank you again for such great dogs. They all have wonderful personalities and hold a special place in my heart!!!  Take Care!  Tracy 

Griz 3-5-13 from Mike and Petra Sanchez.jpg 2Mar 5, 2013—Hi Byron, Thanks for your email as we are always happy to hear from you! Glad that you and the family are doing well. (Hello to everyone!!) We are also in great health and looking forward to warmer weather!!  Grizzly is awesome!! He is such a joy everyday 🙂 We constantly are complemented on what a great looking dog he is and on his disposition…he is such a calm and happy boy! Loves going to the park twice a day to play frisbee and wants to greet EVERY dog that is there. Grizzly is definitely a social pup! (He weighs 75 lbs now.) Many times people comment that he is such a solid (Fat!!?) dog as they are not use to seeing a "dual" purpose lab. We couldn't be happier with our boy and are grateful to Maya and Lone Ranger for producing such a great pup! We are hoping to visit family in Utah this summer and will definitely call you beforehand to stop by and show you Grizzly all grown up!! I will send pictures in a separate email. Thanks again.  Mike and Peetra        

Oct. 8, 2012—Hi Byron,  Noticed you had a litter out of Fowler recently, thought I'd just let you know that the yellow female we have out of Jack x Ge's De Ja Vu "Folwer" (DOB 3/6/2011) finished her AKC Novice obedience (CD) title last month. She's been a really nice working dog with tons of enthusiasm. Lots of fun to show. I'll probably have her in Open next summer, will keep you updated!  —Tousley's Dogs and their titles: –Kisawa All In A Day's Work UD GO VER RA TDI CGC ASCA-CD,  –Villa's Without Compromise JH CD CGC,  –Villa's Brie De Meaux CD, CGC,  Claire Tousley  WSU CVM 2015,                                                        

Sep. 5, 2012—Byron,  I just wanted to update you on how well our dog is doing.  She completed her CD over the weekend with a 1st and 2nd place.  (Claire showed her for me) In addition she has her CGC title also.  She's a great dog and on her way to obtaining other titles!  On a sadder note, we rec'd word that Claire's black lab, Boaz, that she got from you years ago passed away this summer from cancer. He was an outstanding dog and is missed greatly by his family in PA.  Thank you for breeding such nice dogs!  Lisa Tousley  

Griz 1-12-12 from Mike and Petra Sanchez.jpg 1July 30, 2012—Hi Byron,  Obviously our little boy is now a year old as he was born July 23rd!!! Grizzly is such a sweet puppy 😉 He is such a calm and happy guy.  Loves going for walks and often times will carry a stick the whole time!!  (will look for one of those pics and send it)  He is friendly with every dog that we see. He thinks they should all be his playmates! We are often complimented on what a great looking dog he is 🙂 Of course many times people think he is a black lab:( It's funny how sometimes he looks much darker and then you see him in the sun or take his picture and he shows more chocolate! Naturally we think he is the smartest dog in town!! Naturally he will sit, stay, down, come and leave it.  Grizzly still isn't a barker (yay!!!) but when he does bark at us when playing…he has such a deep voice! He is very loving and affectionate as well…loves to give hugs. He is so good about waiting for me to go up or down the stairs first so he doesn't knock me over! He weighs 70lbs!  I will send more current pictures as soon as I download my camera! Please tell your wife and daughter hello from us! Take care and stay busy.  Petra and Mike Sanchez  

July 22, 2012—To Byron Villaverde-Woodland Hills Retreivers,  Regarding our Chocolate Lab puppy which you shipped to us on 12-17-2011. My wife & I would like to tell you how happy we are with our pup, from Maui & Lilo’s itter, born 10-17-2011. We had been very hesitant to purchase ANYTHING on the internet, & even more so, a dog (sight unseen),….but we both felt so good about all we read on your website @ www.goand fetch.com and conversations with you, that we sent our checks and looked forward to the arrival of our ‘Chocolate Brownie’ just in time for Christmas. We have been extremely pleased from day one. We worked diligently on ‘house-breaking’ and it paid off in just three weeks. Obedience classes followed (beginner &
intermediate) Apparently he trained US as well, and we became his adoring, full time servants. Ha Ha!!!!   In May, we sent him to ‘boarding school’ to learn to hunt. He is doing extremely well
at Dan Kielty’s nationally reknowned Marks -A- Lot Kennels, & is progressing ahead of schedule. Since he is only an hours drive away in Caddo Mills, Texas, we can go to visit
him every other Saturday & follow his progress. Brownie is an EXTREMELY handsome nine month old, who is alert, playful, energetic and loves to retieve anything from land or water. He is friendly & outgoing, but well behaved, and we miss him every day. Just thought you might like an update. Larry Richmond Allen, Texas 

Kate Cosette sent 2-2-12 Pippa.jpg 1Feb. 2. 2012—Hi Byron, That is so funny, I was thinking I should e-mail you to thank you for giving us such a wonderful puppy. Pippa is just amazing. She was house broken in a week! I actually taught her to ring a bell by the back door to let me know when she needed to go outside. She also knows how to walk on a leash, off the leash right next to me, sit, shake, and we are working on circle. Not bad for having her only 2 months! She is also amazing with the kids. We never had any nipping issues. And I have to admit I really enjoy all the compliments I get on how gorgeous she is. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies. All my research of breeders paid off. 🙂 You and your family are such caring, wonderful people. I bet that's why Pippa is so loving and friendly.  We are still in Las Vegas. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday. So glad we got to meet you!   Kate Cossette 

Jan. 8, 2012—Hi Byron,  Happy New Year !   So Mr. Bodie turned 1 in October and we celebrated his one year Anniversary as a member of our family end of December.  We can't say enough good things about him and how happy we are to have him as part of our family.  I sent you a picture via text some time in November and hopefully you received it.  He is a strapping young lad as they say and not only beautiful, but the sweetest dog we could have ever hoped for.  Thank you again for giving us the great opportunity to hae him in our lives – he is truly a 4th child to us.  I think you, how you operate and the pups you offer are amazing.  I have referred you out to a few friends here in Los Angeles.  I'll keep you posted on any other friends who have interest and on Bodie as he grows.  Thanks again Byron – I will say our house would definitely be way too quiet and less warm without him (ok maybe a tad bit less hairy too – it is amazing that dog has hair on his body with how much he sheds – we always have a good laugh and say how those hairless cats would be so jeaous lol). All the best!  Kelli Ivie  

Oct 10, 2011—Hello Byron,  Just to let you know,  Cricket (yellow collared female) is doing very well and, Turbo, our 1 yr old male black lab just adores her.  He watched over her when she goes outside at night to go to the bathroom and plays with her and is very tolerant of her sharp little teeth.  Cricket thinks she is a big dog and seems to be fearless and as it goes with puppies, she has a lot to learn about other dogs.   She is a very nice puppy!  Our Vet said she was a very nice, healthy puppy and our dog trainer said she was extremely cute, too.   I hope you enjoy the picture – she walked into the basket all by herself and sat still for the picture.  Take good care.  Gale Sowle 

Daphne by Kori Schulte.jpg 1Jun 29, 2011—Hi Byron,   I just wanted to write and tell you what a sweet puppy our Daphne has turned out to be.  Such a great personality and she was potty trained in just a couple of weeks.  Thanks again for everything and we'll be recommending you to any of our friends and family who are looking for a gorgeous lab.  Here's a picture I took of her and her new sister Saydi (eight-year-old black lab).    Kori Schulte

May 17, 2011—Byron, Hello! I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you! We are having so  much fun with her. We named her Daisy but havent come up with a full name yet for the registration paperwork. She is doing really good with my dog Rylee and my boyfriends dog too. My boyfriend kidnapped her and took her too work with him the last two days to show off and play with. We are doing good on the potty training. She is slowly learning to go down stairs. Daisy has absolutly no problem going up them but has been hesitant to go down. Its so cute watching her while she decides whether or not to take the step down or not. Daisy seems to be psycic and knows when I pull out the camera when she is doing something cute so these are the best ones I could get. She alwasy stops and moves to me when the camera goes up to my face. Silly girl. I'll be sure to send updates as she gets bigger. Thank you so much for all your help. Her termpermant and build were just what we were looking for  and she is a perfect addition my little family.   Aimee Lynn Norby  

Bella 6-30-12 Tracy Harness 1Sep. 17, 2011—Hey Byron!  I just wanted to let you know that May has made it to SC ok. She is absolutly beautiful and I can't thank you enough! I can't wait to start being able to work with her like I did with Bella. I will keep you posted and send pictures. You will be shocked to see how big Bella has gotten.  Thanks again! Tracy Harness

Jan 19, 2011—Yes, I really like my trainer and he loves Bella and says she is really birdy and has super potential. I have really thought about it and think I would like to send a deposit for that litter from Lilo if you are accepting them already. Was it 200 or 250? I can't remember. I am already excited and they aren't even bred yet! LOL!  Thanks again so much!  Tracy Harness

Jan 18, 2011—Hey Byron! I purchased a chocolate female (Bella) from you off of Kimo and Stitch last year and just wanted to write to tell you how lovely she has turned out. She is completly obedience trained and I have taken her to a trainer to see how she was doing as she is retrieving birds great already and we are going to keep up her training in order to get a title on her in the future hopefully. As far as conformation, she is a little on the smaller side and didn't get the blockiness I was looking for but that is ok as she still has plenty of growing to do! I love her so much and hope to get a JH title on her and then work our way up. I am sending off her EIC testing this weekend to see how she comes back. I was writing also as I was checking out your site and wanted to inquire about your upcoming litters. I had such a wonderful experience with you before and absolutly love the puppy I purchased from you. I wanted to know about your Copy x Lilo breeding or your Jack x Fowler breeding. I would like either another chocolate female or a yellow female but I know that Lilo is Stich's sister so leaning toward her. When you get a chance, I would love to know what you expect from that litter.  Thanks! Tracy Harness

Jan 14, 2011—Byron,  We love our "big girl". Remy is 31 pounds @ 15.5 weeks old. She loves the Boston Terriers and they love her. Her paws are like bear paws and she has total attitude. She demands attention from the entire family (dogs included), if you look away for 2 seconds she lets you know she does not like it. She is a really good girl, she puts herself to bed in her crate @ night.  Her sister Charlie is half her size but the perfect match for my daughter with two children under 2. Charlie is so gentle with the 10 month old and chases the 2 year old all over the yard. They are inseparable.        Thank you again, Lisa.A.Eddy

Hello Byron, hope all is well with you and your family also and that you are having a great summer too.  Little Koda, well I guess she's not so little anymore, is now 35 pounds and she's eating 3 ¼ cups of Science Diet Lamb and Rice Puppy Formula each day.  She has a very healthy appetite that's for sure!  She's learned all kind of new tricks and is very obedient.  She stays on our yard very well.  I can even leave the yard and tell her to stay while I go talk to the neighbor and she will just sit at the edge of the yard and wait for me to come back.  She knows how to come, sit, shake hands, lay down and kennel up when told.  We keep her in the yard and in the house when we're home and out in the kennel while we are at work and she NEVER barks.  Not a peep out of the little feller!  I'm really happy with her and she's great with the kids as well.  Each morning she comes in and has to say hello to every member of the family by licking them on the face and arms to wake them up.  Oh yeah, she is house trained and basically came that way!  We were very surprised to find that she would go outside almost every time we took her out.  She's great!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she's doing fairly well with the (deer antlers) shed retrieving.  She will go find sheds when I hide them and will fetch them when I toss them in the yard.  She definitely has a very good nose.  Thanks so much for providing us with the perfect addition to our family!      Shawn Syme

HI Byron and LaShawn — Just to let you know we have arrived home safe and sound.  What a great traveler this pup is — slept the whole way, no barking.  Ate his dinner, went potty outside, and is now exploring his puppy pen and new toys!Thank you both so very much! I will send photos as he grows.      best, Jane & Walt  

Later, Jane writes: "He is now quite the strapping fellow, but very sweet. (Strapping is relative, he's not as large as our previous lab.) But otherwise he's matured into a sweet, loving fellow.  We did family obedience with him and now he goes to Adventure Camp a couple of days a week to burn off some puppy energy. He's extremely inquisitive and loves our other 2 dogs.George from Chicago from Merridith1 JPG"Sep 18. 2009Chicago Welcomes George, our new "City Slciker"   Hi Byron,  Thank you sooooo much! George and I are totally in love!  I cannot believe what a great pup he is!  He is already a "city slicker" and he has been here 4 hours.  He is not afraid of anything (sirens, buses, the elevator or people).  Completely socialized, sweet and handsome!  Cannot even walk a foot without someone expressing how good looking he is and how beautiful his lines are!  He is pretty far along on potty training he start whining and running in circles i swooped him up carried him to the elevator and he ran to the grass and big pottied! Made me very happy!  He is sleeping in his crate right now!  George was totally worth the wait!  I will keep you posted!  So far I am over the moon!  George is soooooo much more than I expected!  Your communication through the entire 8 weeks made me feel a part of my puppy's life!  I cannot thank you enough for all of the pictures and updates!  He truly is (as any dotting mother would say) the 'PICK OF THE LITTER'! He is at my feet sleeping crying aloud as he dreams which makes me sad that he misses his family!  I have so much love to give this lil man and I know he feels it!  It really was love at first sight!  He is huge!  Bigger than I thought he would be some people think he is 6 weeks others think 12…he is the hit of the 'hood' and already a mama's boy!I hope your wife is okay.  And thank you so much for making 2 trips my sister and 11 year old nephew are soooo excited to come tomorrow!  Already sent them videos of George and my mother is flying in from Maryland on Tuesday to hold him!  He is soooo loved!Many many thanks for the joy in my home Byron!! Thank your granddaughters for a job well done!  Many thanks!  Merridith   (Male pup from Tosha & Tru)

George and Meredith 1Hi Byron, 10 days of George and we are doing well!  He is such a sweet, calm, independent puppy!  I took him to the vet last week and he was 14.9lbs quite big for 9 weeks!  The vet loved him…he got his second round of shots.  She said he is a great looking pup!  George has gotten his teeth and I have become his personal chew toy.  I am crate training him and he makes it to 5:30a.  He really is the talk of the neighborhood.  Everyone snaps pics on their iphones of this handsome guy its funny.  Cannot walk 2 steps without someone saying he looks like the "toilet paper pup" or he is the cutest puppy ever!  

Byron,  Little Goldie is so cute and sweet, and so smart.  She is very attached to us already.  The kids (my daughter and her friends) play very well with her.  She already knows somewhat about potty.  She also fetched tennis ball for us.  She ate and drank, and is now sleeping in the crate she came in.

LA Mew MewHi Byron, Good to hear from you and glad that you and your family had nice holidays.  Little MoMo (kids insist that we call her so) is doing really well.  She has been potty trained, let's say 80 to 100 %.  In fact, it only took her a few days to figure out.  She holds in so well that I feel really bad when I can't come home earlier from work.  When I get home, she goes out to let out a big puddle.  She sleeps through the night already (about 7 hours).  The trainer said it is quite amazing for a little 12-week old pup.  And we were told by the trainer that MoMo has exceptionally beautiful form.  It only took the trainer a few minutes to teach her sit, down and come.  She walks well on leash, and we have fun walking together around our little neighbourhood.  I told her once to sit when there was a car coming, now she sits whenever (at least most of the time) she sees a car coming our way.  She does keep us all very busy.  But she is worth it. Best wishes, Eleanor

Kobi by Krysti Clift 12-7-1212/7/11—Hey Byron, Thought you'd like to see what a nice looking dog Kobi is growing into.  This pic is from about 3 wks ago when we had our first snow.  She didn't know what to make of the snow at first, but it didn't take long to realize how fun it was going to be.  We're really enjoying her.  She has a huge personality, that one!  Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Krysti Clift

Jul 25, 2011—Yeah, I should clarify: I use her as my alarm clock so we have time to train and walk in the mornings B4 work – on the wkends, she gets to stay in her kennel until after I've had coffee.   …  The last thing I need is to take orders from a bossy dog.   By all means, you are welcome to use my pics or comments on your website. She truly is a lovely dog and we are having lots of fun with her.  Best to you and yours.  Krysti

"Hi Byron and family –  About a male pup from Meg and Kimo's 2008 litter.  What a great looking "Dually", a spitting image of his dad Kimo Clancy at 9mths is turning out to be very good with both upland & waterfowl. He is easy to train great with the family a lot of fun and great looking! He's what I was hoping for in a what you call a dually. Thanks, Fogarty's

Below, another picture of Clancy this time on an Upland Game Hunt. He's got a wide handsome head, a wide otter's tail, and a rich dark brown coat with a good desire to please and retrieve. Just the kind of lab we are hoping for..

Pictured below is another "Dually", a yellow male pup from our Intn'l Champion Tosha and Deuce, our male son of 2x NAFC Ramblin Man. At the end of 2008, Deuce is one pass away from his Master Hunter Title.  "Hello Byron,  We took Guage out for his debut. He is young has alot to learn but did a great job flushing.  He is not bothered by the gun, but he doesn't watch the bird and needs alot of retrieving skills.  We are working with him with a pheasant wing and wire. He just doesnt watch the bird he is looking for the scent more.  His name is Hunter's Gamblin Guage and the pictures are of Hunter and Guage after a hunt in Gunnison they were  done by 11:00 am and they started at 8:00 am.  Enjoy!  Jayson, Melanie, Jordyn and Hunter Knight

Scout by Dan Foley 1Byron: I understand my brother Pat is coming up to get his puppy this weekend.  He and his wife are very excited and I am very happy that he is doing business with you.   Pat mentioned to me that you might still have female from the same litter.  Is that right?   If so, how much are you asking for her?   Our dog Judge, see pic, just turned 3.  He was from Tosha and Kobe's litter.   He is a great dog; his owner doesn't go hunting enough, but he is a great family dog and we do get him out for a lot of hikes and almost daily runs.   We thank you for such a good dog that has become part of the family.   Daniel T. Foley    FYI- We are happy to say that Dan and his family drove from Nevada and picked up their female puppy from us the week after his brother picked his male pup. 
Hi Byron, I heard about your puppies from our vet. in Ennis, Mt.  She said she had seen one of your puppies the day before I was there – Said it was one of the best looking and well behaved lab puppies she had seen – We're  really looking forward to seeing ours –  Kay Bohlscheid

Hi Byron, I named him High Desert's Sagebrush Savage (Sage).  He is a calm, but energetic pup.  And I really love his color.  He will be a great stud for my females.  He has huge lab feet and loves the water already.  He is retrieving from me about 7-8 times, before he loses his attention on it.  However, I am not the best trainer.  My kids love him and as you can see in the picture, he is sticking is tongue out at my son.  We love him! D. Alton Hansen