Lei  5-17-14  Front Stack 1Villa's Girl By Kimo

Villa's Girl Lei By Kimo, call name, "Lei" is our 2nd generation, chocolate daughter of our male Kimo.  Kimo, a son of a Canadian Champion Fawnhaven Hunter of Snowyriver, RN, JH,  now resides at his new home in Florida, lucky him basking in the sun.  Kimo's mother was a Junior Hunter  and daughter of of CH Ruthless Blazing Brentley, Master Hunter.  Kimo is a large, tall handsome, powerfully built male who weighs a lean 97 pounds.  He was my go to hunting companion, very steady and reliable in upland game hunting and one who was the example for our younger labs when in the field.  He was also quite adept in the water. On one occasion with my hunting buddies whose dogs were finished or had to be put up because they were too unruly and untrained, Kimo was the savior of the trip.  He had be the flusher for all of us the remainder of the morning and the entire afternoon.  Boy did he enjoy the lime light.  Kimo also has a very relaxed, easy-go-lucky personality, which made him such a special dog for us. 

Like her dad, Lei also excels in personality, very friendly and affectionate.  Lei has a slender, longer type build, much like the American Lab, but with a better head on her.  Consequently, she is a fast mover with a lot of spring and bounce in her legs, and has a big desire to retireve.  She has a mixed pedigree filled with show and field champions, 2 of which were Show Champion/Master Hunters.  We think that when bred to male from pure show lines, Lei's pups will take on a more robust and well built look, and will also posses great stamina to excel in all outdoors activities with their new families. 

Date of Birth: May 15, 2012, OFA Prelims (2/11/14) Hips: "Good", OFA Eldows: "Clear", CERF "Clear" LR-EYE2983/2of-vpi, "Clear By Parentage for EIC and PRA    Lei's Pedigree

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