About Us

Woodland Hills Retrievers is located on the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range on the outskirts of the small but growing city of Salem.  Salem is about 15 miles south of Provo.  We are an hour south of Salt Lake City, Utah. We feel very fortunate to awake each morning to an awesome panoramic view of the outdoors.





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In 1991, my wife and I were "City Slickers" with Masters Degrees from Brigham Young University-Provo.  We both worked for the local school districts, my wife as a teacher in the classroom and also in Special Education.  I as a Speech Language Pathologist.  We then moved our family of 2 kids from Orem City to a 5 acre ranchette in the suburbs of Salem, a small and peaceful town.  This is when I ran out of excuses and had to get our kids their first dog.  Pebbles was our first Lab.  She was a large, beautiful glossy black female the had 3 granparents who were show champions, and the other was a Field Champion.  She was such and important companion for each of us.  For me, Pebbles was a super huhnting companion and Hunt Test dog.  Pebbles was my wife's favorite walking companion and protector.  For my children, she was a companion who would listen and console them.  Funny how labs can appear to be a good listener.   Pebbles had all of the wonderful traits that Labs are noted for.  From her we learned that "Quality Begets Qualtiy".

In our first 10 years, were were introduced to and became heavily involved in the AKC Retriever Hunt Tests.  I will never forget all of the butterflies I use to get in my stomach as I went from post to post in the hunt test until finally I was on the line with my dogs, and how prooud I was when they returned with the ducks.  Yes, there were the agony of defeat also.  Our dogs then were offsprings of the best field Labs in the country.  The majority were sired by National and National Amatuer Field Champs and like their parents, they too were athletes; lean, long muscled, stylish.  They spot off the line like a bullet out of a pistol.  They could turn on a dime, had explosive water entries, and swam as fast as an alligator.  They were born to compete, and boy were they exciting to watch and run.  

In our second 10 years, we no longer have the American Field Labs and are not involved with the Hunt Tests.  We have changed  and now have the "Dual Purpose" Lab.  They have the "Classic English" build; a blocky, robust body, big bones, wide heads, and thick otter tails, and come from Show Chamnpions.  Some are show champions themselves.  We participate in Conformation Shows.  Many of our labs come from Show Champions with Hunt Test titles and still with a great desire to retrieve.  Why did we make the switch?  This is the type of Lab that many people picture a Lab to look like, and one we felt was more calm than the American Field Lab.  Because we still wanted to maintain the Labs desire to retrieve, we selected sons and daughters of Show Champions with Hunt Tests titles, from some of the most successful lines in the country.  Our pups come with an amazing potential to compete in many different venues, or just to be a calm, wonderful companion.        

Our Goals

Goal 1 – "Have a Genetic Advantage".  With constant research, selective breeding, and costly changes, we've welcomed New Years of 2013 with the annoumcement that from now on "ALL" Woodland Hills Retrievers Puppies will be "Clear Through Parentage" of the PRA (Progressive Retina Atrophy) Blindness gene, and the EIC (Exercise Induce Collapse) gene.

          —All of our dogs' Hips are certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
          —All of our dogs' Elbows are certified through Ortopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
          —All of our dogs' Eyes are certified each year through Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
          —All of our dogs are tested and certified, or through parentage are "Clear" for the PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) blindness gene (OPTIGEN). 
          —All of our dogs are tested and certified, or through parentage are "Clear" of Exercise Induced Collapse gene (EIC).. 
          —All of our pups come with a 30 month Written Health Gruantee.
Goal 2- "Have a Great Looks Advantage". All of our Labs are "English in Build"  They have the "Classic" Labrador look; broad foreheads, strong and robust bodies, and thick otter's tail.  They are all from Show Champion parents who have been judged to have the "Best of the Best" looks.  Some of our Labs are show champions themselves and come from some of the most successful Show Labs in the country.  "Even if you're not info shows, wouldn't it be neat to have the best looking Lab on the block?"
Goal 3 "Have a Big Desire to Retrieve Advantage".  All of our Labs love to retrieve.  Many of our dogs come from parents who are Show Champions with Hunt Test Titles (Master Hunters, Senior Hunters, and Junior Hunters).  We believe that Labs who "love" to retrieve make more fun and interesting companions.  They are the ones that your kids will want spend the most time with in the backyard, or at the parks catching and retrieving balls, frisbees, and sticks.  Some of our Lab puppies have even grown up to be the skillful and proven companions for both the avid and fair weathered waterfowl and upland game hunters.

Goal 4 "Have a Quality Advantage" We believe that "Quality Begets Quality".  All of our Labs come from Champions and have the wonderful genes of their parents and grandparents.  They in turn will be able to pass these genes on to their puppies.  So our puppies come with amazing potential to excel in so many different venues of competion because of their great health, high level of intelligence and trainability.  They will also have wonderful temperaments; calm, loving, and dedicated to make them an excellent companion to you and hyour family.

Goal 5-  "Have a Learning Advantage". Our pups will be socialized, come with a "learning to learn" attitude, and will be started on the "Come" command to whistle and to voice at 3 weeks of age.