Health Guarantee

We have gone through a major selection process in getting the type of labs that we feel will make a super family/hunting companion. We believe that you, their new owners must be committed in doing your part to make your pup all it can be. We encourage you to use a licensed veterinarian to give all of its puppy vacinations, worming, and check-ups. Your pup deserves that. It also deserves to be fed on a regular basis and food from a reputable company. We know that socialization needs to be continued. Start with puppy kindergarten where it can get its obedience training. All of your efforts in keeping an obedient and healthy dog will bring you and your family many years of joy and satisfaction. 
 (Copy of Written Guarntee)


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WOODLAND HILLS RETREIVERS guarantees this dog to be free of hereditary dysplasia in the hips, elbows, and eyes. Hip and elbow evaluation and OFA certification at 2 years and no later that 30 months of age must be completed for this guarantee to be valid. Eyes must be certified by AVCO at 2 years of age and no later that 30 months of age for this guarantee to be valid.

Should this dog be diagnosed as having hip/elbow dysphasia or hereditary eye problems by OFA or AVCO, Woodland Hills Retrievers will replace this dog with a dog of similar monetary value and quality. Any shipping expenses and veterinarian expenses will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The unsound dog must be spayed/neutered, or euthanized, and must not have been bred for this guarantee to be valid. All x-rays/vet reports must be sent to a veterinarian of our choosing before the replacement is authorized. Woodland Hills Retrievers Reserve the Right To Have A Second Opinion before such action is to take place. The buyer may either keep the original dog or place it in a pet home at The Buyer’s option after the dog has been spayed or neuter, at the buyer’s expense.

Accidents and/or illnesses are not included in this guarantee.

Purchaser agrees to have this dog seen by a veterinarian within 3 days of the receipt of for a general health check and to have a complete inoculation schedule set up. Purchaser also agrees to keep all veterinarian records of this dog.


1) IF the puppy is sold or given to another.

2) IF the dog is bred before 24 months of age and obtaining OFA and CERF certifications.

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