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***All Of Our Pups are EIC and PRA "Clear Through Parentage" ***

May 2017

 Villa's Kona Special Brew Expresso "Brudha Iz"

 Crossroads Villas Repeat That Kauai "Kauai"



Kauai 5-17-14  Back Stack 1


*** All Chocolate Litter ***

Great News!  On March 29, 2017, 8 chocolate puppies were born, 4 males and 4 females.   Kauai and all of the puppies are doing great.    The pups should be ready to go to their new homes at 7 weeks of age,  May 17th  if being picked up.  Or if flying, they will be ready by  May 24th when they turn 8 weeks old.  Dew claws will be removed and they will be started on the "Come" command.   We expect these puppies to be medium sized, gorgeous, and people lovers with a great desire to retrieve.   

Sire: Iz has grown into a very handsome, dark chocolate boy.  Iz is a medium sized male weighing 70 lbs, but boy is he thick from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tale.  He is a son of GCH, CH Goldrush Special Blend At Doubleplay from Lousianna,.  HIs mother is our own International CH Chambray's Villa's Copy That Haole, a daughter of GCH CH Venetian's Copy That.  One thing that is interesting is that all of the males on Iz's 3 Generation Pedigree are all AKC Show Champions, perhaps the reason Iz is such a handsome and thick boy.  Iz, like his mother "Haole" which in Hawaiian means "happy", always have their tails and butts constantly waging when with people.  They love people.  Both are also eager retrievers. 

This is Iz's 1st litter for us, however, his 1st litter owned by my brother in Florida, had 11 puppies.  Iz passed on his "type" thick bone structure and good width to them also.  We've received great reports from all who have puppies from his 1st litter.  After a week and a half, our puppies from Iz x Kauai are lookiing super, some showing great heads and tails already.   I am really impressed with the looks of this litter.  

DOB: 10/6/14, OFA Hips:"Good", Elbows: "Normal", CERF: "Clear" Annually, EIC: Clear Through Parentage, PRA Opgtigen: Clear Through Parentage

Dam:  Crossroads Villa's Pepeat That Kauai, call name "Kauai". Kauai is a good looking, medium sized dark chocolate female weighing 65 lbs. Kauai is a daughter of Sky Farm Woodhull Repeat That, call name "Petey". Petey is actively working on completing his Show Championship title with a couple of wins this year.  Kauai's mother Hunter, is a full sister to a Grand Show Champion and is a daughter of BISS Am CH Wilcare's Leisure Suit Larry, more famously known by his call name, "Dauber.". 

DOB: 2/2/2013, OFA Hips:"Good", Elbows: "Normal", CERF: "Clear" Annually, EIC: Clear Through Parentage, PRA Opgtigen: Clear Through Parentage   




(Breeder will be keeping a male puppy of his choice)

1st Pick: Tahirou Ndiaye – New Jersey

2nd Pick: Emily Ellingson – Utah 

3rd Pick: Don Campbell –  Georgia 


1st Pick: Jim Jim Wohlwend – Utah

2nd Pick: Jeffrey Geslison – California 

3rd Pick: Available

4th Pick: Available 

                                                                                  (TAKEN AT 1.5 WEEKS OLD)




Week 1:  Kauai needed a C-Section to get out her last 2 puppies.  Wonderful to report that none of the puppies were lost and Kauai has recovered quite remarkably. The pups looked small at birth, but are growing significantly each day.   They have a rich, dark chocolate coat, and at the end of the week 1, are starting to look like little puppies.  Their dew claws have been removed. 

Week 2: Only after a week and a half, they now have a solid and robust body, with great heads, and thick otter like tails as you can see from the pictures.  I can really see the "type" of  Iz being passed on to these puppies especially in the width of their bodies.  I am really impressed and excited. They will be wormed before this week is over.  Kauai is doing a super job with her puppies.

Week 3- 4: The pups have been introduced to soaked grounded puppy food and are doing well.  Kauai continues to do a super job at mothering, often feeding and cleaning her pups. 

Week 5 – 6:  Can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  The pups continue to grow and now are like little vacuum cleaners that suck the soaked puppy food up in an instant.  Kauai has given it her all, feeding and keeping her pups clean.  She has thinned out and lost at lot of weight, but still she persists.  What a dedicated mom!  The pups have filled out.  They are looking like their parents, medium sized, but thick and handsome.  They enjoy being out in the sun which has finally decided that it is Spring.  We have had a pleasant surprise.  My niece and her children have been living with us for a short time now and so the pups have benefited getting some great lovng and socialization from them.

Week 7:  The pups have had their wellness check up at the vet.  She and her staff were very impressed with the  pups, especially because she could not find anything physically wrong with any of the pups.  She said that the pups were eating well and had had great form.   She also said that they also had good dispositions, constantly wagging their tails and seemed to be happy contented puppies. 


CH Somersun's Diamond In The Rough  "Carbon" Rosewood Villa's Pua Kea Nothin But Trouble "Kea"

****All  Cream Litter****

  Kea came in heat the last weekend in April 2017 and was bred to Carbon, our large white male on May 6th & 8th.  The pups should be born 0n July 6th and ready to go to their new homes 7 weeks after, or   by Aug. 24th if being picked up, or the following week if flying.  These puppies will be great family additions, and come with amazing potential.  Like their parents, the puppies will  have a calm disposition and be easily trained.  As with all of our pups, they will be “Clear Through Parentage" of both the EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy which causes blindness).  They will be socialized,  started on the "Come" command to voice and whistle, and have their approriate vaccinations .   Even though this will be Kea's 1st litter, because they are royally bred and come from some of the most successful Labs in the country, these pups will be English in build having a handsome head, robust body, and a thick otter tail.  Even if you’re not into shows, wouldn’t it be great to have the best looking dogs on the block? 

Sire:  Carbon is a large white male weighing 90+ lbs.  He is thick with good bone, and type.  Carbon is a son of Show Champion Zinfndel Brigham, a sire of many show champions.  Of the 14 labs in his 3 generation pedigree, only 4 are not Show Champions.  Carbon is totally Eniglish in build with a massive head, powerful body, and thick bone.  Carbon has a happy go lucky personality who loves people, and gets along with other dogs.  He has been siring some amazing puppies for us. 

*** Carbon's DOB: 9/26/2011.  Health Certifications: OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF: Clear (annually), ECHO: Normal, EIC: Tested Clear, PRA: Clear By Parentage

Dam: Kea has grown to be the beautiful dog that we thought she would be and is very light cream in color.  Kea is a daughter of one of the top Grand Show Champions, Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble known throughout the world by his call name "Troubles".  Troubles was the number 1 Show Lab in the country in 2013 and won best of breed at Westministers National Dog Show. That year, he also was the Best of Show at the Potomac, the largest dog show competion for Labrdaor Retrievers.  Troubles comes from the world reknown Belquest Kennels.  Kea is a good size female, and weighs about 70 lbs, and has great bone structure .   She loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  Her mother, and one of her brothers, are Show Champions in the UKC Association. 

***Kea's DOB: 1/9/2015.  Health Certifications: CERF: Clear (annually), OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, EIC: Clear By Parentage, PRA: Clear By Parentage



1st Pick: Available!

2nd Pick: Available!

3rd Pick: Available!

FEMALES (No More Reservatons for Females Being Accepted until after the pups have been born, Thanks!)

1st Pick:  Kristin Mazza – Utah

2nd Pick: Charlie Cameron – Utah

3rd Pick: Shirley Smith – Nevada

4th Pick: Linda Wassink – Oregon

























































































































































































































































































































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