Current Litters

***All Of Our Pups are EIC and PRA "Clear Through Parentage" ***

Hershey, A Beautiful Chocolate Female Puppy Is Available !!!! 

Last, but not the least, Hershey is a beautiful, thick chocolate female puppy born on 10/14/2018 and from a litter of 10.  She is already a great family pup, mild- mannered, calm.  Like her parents, she loves people.  Hershey is doing quite well on the "Come" command to voice and whistle.  She has been started on retrieving.  Her mother Tita, and sire, Gabby, are a handsome pair with great personalities.   Both are robust and have good size.  As you can already see from her picutres posted below,  Hershey is  English in build with a robust body.  She is healthy, intelligent, and easily trained. She will make  will make an excellent family and hunting companion.  Hershey has inherited a lot of wonderful and proven genes, and with training, she could even do well as service dog. We expect Hershey to mature at about 70-75 lbs. She is also “Clear Through Parentage" of both the EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) genes.

Sire:  Gabby has finally matured into the dog that we've always invisioned him to be.  Gabby is handsome, robust, and English in build and has a dark chocolate coat.  Gabby is a son of Show Champion Skyfire's Oughta Be Haulin RN, call name "Axle".  Gabby is thick boned, has a wide head and a thick otter tail.  He has an easy going mind set and he loves to retrieve.  We are excited that he now has the opportunity to pass his many fine traits onto his puppies. 

  DOB: 6/3/2015.  Health Certifications: OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF: Clear (annually), EIC and PRA Clear By Parentage

Dam:  Tita is our third generation gorgeous chocolate female weighing about 70+ lbs.  She is English in build with a shiney reddish brown coat. Tita is very calm dog and is one of the favorites at our repro vet.  She likes retreiving which if I haven't meantioned before, is a very important trait for our dogs.  Tita's grand father, Kimo, was our 1st chocolate male.  Kimo was from show lines lines but his grand sire and ggreat grand mother were Show Champions with their Master Hunter Titles.  Kimo was a very tall and heavy Lab.   He was stunning to look at and had such a happy go lucky boy.  Kimo was my trusty upland game and water fowl hunting companion.  He was also my go to dog when training the younger dogs to retrieve.  If any of my dogs was not able to complete a retrieve, just point Kimo in the right direction and he retrieve it.  he saved me from getting wet a lot of times when training in water retrieves.  Tiita gets a lot of her size and brains from Kimo, and she passes these traits right onto her puppies.   This is Tita's 2nd litter, but Gabby's 1st.  Very nice litter!

DOB:  9/11/15.    Health Certifications: CERF: Clear (annually), OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, EIC: Clear By Parentage, PRA: Clear By Parentage