DOB: 4/5/2001, DNA Diagnostics # TOBO20698 = Tested Homozygous For Tobiano Gene, Produces 100% colored foals
BREEDER: Byron Villaverde

Super Tanker 2 Super Tanker 1
  If you can find a Homozygous Paint Stud that come from amazingly successful competition horses on the top and bottom, then consider yourself very fortunate.  When we bred Super Tanker's mother, Tiara, an own daughter of 2x World Champion Impressive Robin Jr., to an own son of Super All Around Champion Mr. Tramp, we hit the jack pot big time! Villa's Super Tanker was born and we got all that we had hoped for, 1. the total package; 2. a muscular, loud colored black and white stud colt, 3. that is Homozygous for the Tobiano Pattern.  "Homoyzgous" means that Super Tanker has 2 colored paint genes and will always pass on one of  his colored (Paint) gene to every one of his offsprings whether they be colored, or solid in color.  In other words, genetically, Tank will always produce a colored colts "Paint" colt, NO solids.  We haven't bred tank out very much.  He's our best kept secret.   However, Woodland Hills Ranch is now offering Super Tanker for stud services.  His colts are well built, have good dispositions, and their color as been well dispersed, loud.  If you're wanting a quality paint colt,  give us a call.  You won't be disappointed 11 months later when you've spend all night in the cold with your mare, and then here it comes,  a solid "breeding stock" colt.  Super Tanker will never allow this nightmare to happen.  He genetically guaranteed to throw color!
      Ima TinkeysSugar Bar
    Mr. Tramp CH  
  Mr. Hobo   Bar Time Tramp CH
      Impressive Deuce
    Norma Jean Riley  
      Spooks Leo Bea Bar

Villa's Super Tanker

      Painted Robin
    Impressive Robin Jr 2x Wold CH  
      Painted Cindy
  Apache Jewel Tiara    
      Impressive Docette
    Chicaro Ind Silver  
      All Indian

Mr. Tramp: APHA Superior All Around Champion                          Ima Tinkeys Sugar Bar: APHA Champion

Impressive Robin Jr.: 2x APHA World  Champion                           Painted Robin:  Nat'l and APHA Champion Sire Producer 

Impressive Docette: World  and APHA Champion Producer             Bar Time Tramp: APHA Champion Producer  


(DOB: 1993, Stands at 14.2 Hands  5 Panel Test – N/N)

Woodland Hills Ranch is so proud to present "Know Who Dun It", call name "Dun It", an OWN son of Hollywood Dun It. .  "Dun It" is a gorgeous gentleman of a stallion.  He is awesome; beautiful small head, athletically built, calm and quiet.  His black mane and tail is long and full.  "Dun It" has big, bright, and trusting black eyes.   He is a striking stallion to look at.  Better yet, he carries the super genes of his legendary sire "Hollywood Dun It".  His mother is a daughter of a World Champion Zans Diamond , who is sired by 3x World champion Zans Par Bar.  He passes his "type" and quiet disposition on to his offspring.  Woodland Hills Ranch is proud to offer such a fine stallion at stud..  Let's Do It! with "Dun It"! 

Know Who Dunnit 3 Know Who Dunnit 2
      Easter King
    Hollywood Jac 86 CH  
  Hollywood Dun It CH   Miss Hollywood
      Dun Berry
    Blossom Berry  
      Regina Bella

Know Who Dun It

      Zan Parr Bar CH
    Zans Diamond Sun  
      Diamond Sparkle
  Know Why Knot    
      Top Gain
    Knots Yet  
      Bit O' San

Zans Diamond Sun – AQHA World Champion Stallion Junior Reining Horse, AQHA High Point Senior Calf Roping Horse, AQHA High Point Heading and Heeling Stallion

Zan Parr Bar –  3 Time World Champion Stallion, High Point Steer Roping Champion, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter & Steer Roping , All-Time Leading Sire of World Champion Performance Horses and an NRHA All-Time Leading Sire

Diamonds Sparkle  – World Show Superhorse, World Champion Heading Horse, NRHA Hall of Fame,  NRHA #1 All-Time Leading Dam, AQHA #1 Leading Producer of World Champions, Dam of Shining Spark, Sparkles Rosezana, Spark o Lena, Zans Light Sparkles, All of these are World Champions

Hollywood Dun It – National Reining Horse Association Futurity Champion, NRHA Derby Champion, and SupeerStakes Champion, NRHA Hall of Fame, NHRA’s Leading Sire of Reining Horses with sons and daughters whose earnings have surpassed $5 Milion, (has produced AQHA World Champions and multiple NHRA World and Reserve World Champions 

Hollywood Jac 86 – AQHA World Champion, NRHA Hall of Fame, 1st NRHA Million Dollar Sire

Blue Ready Zan Peppy “Blue Pep”
DOB: 5/21/2015,
BREEDER: Byron Villaverde

In 2014, we wanted to add some color to our Ranch and so we decided to breed our black foundation Quarter Horse mare, Miss Peppy Warrior, daughter of 1985 Utah Cutting Futurity Champion "Ready San Peppy" to "Blue Ringo Fire" a great looking blue roan Stallion also from Salem, UT.  Blue Ringo Fire carries such great names as 3x World Champion Zan Parr Bar, Two Eyed Jack, and Blue Valentine. The result was amazing.  I felt like I was "Alladin" and his Genie, "Your Wish Is My Command!  We luck out again and got a handsome blue roan horse colt with a lot of chrome, which we've named, "Blue Ready Zan Peppy", call name "Blue Pep".  Three years later, Blue Pep has matured into a very gorgeous true blue stallion. We are so excited and have great expectations from our Blue Pep.

Pedigree: Blue Ready Zan Peppy

        Zan Parr Bar CH
      Zan Gold Jack  
    Zan Gold Jackson   Miss Goldie Jack
  Roan Prairie Fire     Fancy Roan Bar
Blue Ringo Fire     Miss Skipa Nick  
    High Rollin Patti   Nick's Joey
  Blues High Noon     Roan Prairie
      High Rolling Roany  
    Zans Gold Blue Bar   Vanzi Reno Bar
        Apple Jax
      Jax Patti Bar  
        Pattilou Bars
      Mr. San Peppy  
    Peppys Humo    
  Ready San Peppy  UT CH   Cigarrera  
      Eli McCue  
    Doc's Cofflita    
Miss Peppy Warrior     Cough Drop Kid  
      Wandering Boy  
    Sure Warrior    
  Whose Warrior   Apache Moon Maid  
      Smooth Move  
    Whose My Pa    
      Spanish Cat  

Ready San Peppy  – 1985 Utah Cutting Futurity Champion

Mr. San Peppy: APHA Superior All Around Champion                        

Zan Parr Bar.: 2x APHA World  Champion