Jonvaler And The Rush Is On, "Scoot"  Scoot Head 1

Scoot is a beautiful sister and littermate to our Grand Champion Jonvaler And What's The Rush, "Watson".  Both are royally bred, sired by BISS CH Hyspire Adrenaline Rush, "Rush" and their mother, BOSS CH Ducktales And On And On, "Echo".  "Rush" is one of the many stunning black males from the prestigious Hyspire Kennels.  Echo is owned by Dr. Valerie Jones.  We are so thankful to Dr. Jones for allowing us to have Scoot and Watson.  What's so amazing about Scoot is her dedication and love of people.  Scoot is a large female, weighing about 70 lbs and has a rich yellow coat.  She is definitely English build.  I'm sure Scoot will be passing many of these trait on to her puppies.  We are so excited to have Scoot with us. Scoot's Pedigree 1Scoot Front 1Scoot Front 2