Villa's Prima Donna By Gordy

Villa's Prima Donna By Gordy, call name, "Pebbles" actually we know her as Pebbles II since she shares her name after her grandmother, Villa's Prima Donna, "Pebbles" was our first Lab ever.  Our original Pebbles' grand sire had sired 32 litters for the blind.  2 other grandparents were show champions  with the 4th line containing many field champions.  She inherited genes from a wide variety of venues.

Our updated Pebbles is the daughter of CH Belquest Junk In The Trunk, "Tru", our first AKC Show Champion yellow male whom we are also so proud of.  Tru became an AKC Show Champion at 17 months old and is the son of the world famous BISS CH Boradors By George more famously know by his call name, "Gordy".  Gordy was the top sire for many years and now has fathered 86+ Show Champions, and the list still grows. Tru is also a littermate brother to Fergy, the top show Champion Lab in 2008. 

We bred Pebble's grand mother to CH MACH Prospect's Slam Dunk, MH "Kobe", a yellow male from Los Angeles, CA.  Kobe may have been the only Lab then to have 2 AKC Champion Titles then, but he was also a member of an elite group of Labs that were show champions and Master Hunters.  Kobe was amateur trained and had qualifed to run in the Master National in 2002.  He also jammed in the only 3 Field Trials that he had competed in.  From this litter, we kept a black female, Shelby, that we lateer bred to Tru to get Pebbles.  Years later, we used Kobe again and kept 2 yellow pups from that litter.  Over the years, we had kept 3 pups of our Kobe pups.  All of them were extrememly good looking, easily trained, and multi-talented.  We feel so fortunate to have Pebbles with us.  She is our 3rd generation girl and aline that we want to always have.  

DOB: 11/30/10  Health Certifications:  OFA Hips: LR-201045F24F-PI, OFA Elbows:LR-EL57107F24-PI, CERF: LR-365182 Clear Annually,

Optigen: 12-1247 Normal, EIC: 61214 Clear