Somersuns Diamond In The Rough, "Carbon"

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"Carbon"is our white male.  He is a "take your breath away" type of male, handsome, blocky, English built with a handsome head, powerful body, heavy boned, and a great otter tail.  He's a big boy tipping the scales at 97 pounds. His loving and relaxed personality warmed our hearts immediately, a lovely gentle giant, and to put icing on the cake, he also loves to retrieve. 

How did we get him?  With so many of our customers buying our white to almost white puppies, we thought how wonderful it would be to have a white male, and so we started our search for a white puppy.  Being such a  picky person, not only did he have to be white in color and have at least a Show Champion parent, but he also needed to have all of the health certifications that we at Woodland Hills Retrievers have worked so long to attain.  Besides the standard OFA and CERF certifications, this puppy also had to be “clear” of the EIC and Optigen genes.  After talking to a few of the litter owners who had puppies that might fit our needs, we got a call from Katie Somers of Somersuns Labradors telling us not about a puppy that we had inquired on, but about Carbon, her 2 year old white male, son of Show Champion Zinfndel Brigham.  He met all of our requirements and we are so grateful to Katie for letting us purchase Carbon.  She also told us just what we could expect from Carbon as a sire.  From his first litter, all of the pups were stunning and very correct, with great bone, and of course, good looks.   We are so excited to have Carbon here at Woodland Hills Retrievers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        DOB:  9/26/11,  OFA Hips: LR-205597G24M-"Good",  OFA Elbows:LR-60566M24, "Normal", CERF: LR-EYE2962/23M-VPI, Clear, ECHO Cardiac – LR-CA7183/15M/C VP,                                  EIC Test#38128 "Normal", Optigen Clear By Parentage

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